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Thinking of joining Aegis?
Aegis is a friendly new casual-moderate raiding guild based primarily in the UK and Europe. We are looking to recruit mature, dedicated, laid-back players who appreciate all aspects of the game; but who particularly enjoy raiding and the challenges that come with it.

We strive to achieve progression in Operations/other PvE content at a casual-moderate level, but within a non-elitist, friendly community. We are looking for players who have at least a bit of previous raiding experience, and who know a bit about the role they would like to fill. Other than that, if you are friendly, mature, and like to have a laugh, Aegis may well be the place for you!

Recruitment is OPEN
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Latest News

Karagga DEAD

Doze, Apr 1, 12 5:08 PM.

1-04-12 We Killed the FAT SLUG and yes i got the HAT, this is also my last night in Aegis so was nice to finish on a high, i wish everyone the best of luck


SW:TOR Update 1.2 - Legacy

Arkylon, Mar 7, 12 9:48 AM.
Update 1.2 seems to be just round the corner!

It all looks really interesting! We have lots to look forward to.

Take a look at the video below to get a full run down of what we can expect.

Aegis reach Karagga on Hardmode!

Arkylon, Mar 1, 12 10:00 AM.
On Monday (27/02/12), Aegis made some brilliant progress in Karagga's Palace (Hardmode).

The evening saw us (finally!) take down Bonethrasher, along with all the rest of the bosses up until Karagga himself. Unfortunately, after a number of very close tries (even getting Karagga down to 6%!) we had to call it a night - but rest assured that Karagga is next in our sights!

Many thanks to the members who came along:


Everyone persevered to the very end, and did an absolute brilliant job - we couldn't have asked for more.

Great job everyone!

(Also, check out the screenshots here - courtesy of Dellight. Thanks for taking the time to screenshot/upload to the forums mate ^^)


Aegis clear 8-man Normal EV + KP and start 8-man Hardmode Ops!

Arkylon, Jan 23, 12 9:57 PM.
We can now say that we have cleared both the Eternity Vault and Karraga's Palace Operations on 8-man Normal-mode. Thanks to all the members who have participated and persevered to make these runs a success. Last night we took a quick go at the Eternity Vault on Hard-mode difficulty, and started making some great progress.

The next Operation is up for Thursday night, where we will continue to make as much progress as we can through Hard-mode EV as possible. Sign up now if you can make it!


Aegis clear the Eternity Vault and take down Bonethrasher!

Arkylon, Jan 16, 12 10:53 PM.
Last night, Aegis ventured back into the depths of the Eternity Vault to take down The Infernal One once and for all. After a couple of tries, and a brilliant effort by everyone involved, we finally managed it. Afterwards, we decided to give Bonethrasher (Karragas Palace) a quick run to see what all the fuss was about, and we managed to down him in two. Screenshots can be found here.

Operation lockouts reset today so I will be scheduling a fresh Eternity Vault run for this week at some point. Keep an eye out on the calendar!

Thanks to everyone who participated in the last two runs.
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